Creating a menu for your restaurant can be a tricky task as there are many things you should take into consideration such as the menu items, the course options, layout, the colors and fonts you use and where to print the descriptions.

Although the printing is the last step, you should put some thought into it as a high-quality and well-executed printing of a menu can really improve the sales of your restaurant.

Choose Your Paper Well

A restaurant menu should be printed using heavy and sturdy cardstock. You’ll need a reliable cardstock printer for that, and you can check some of the best ones here:

It’s even better if you use glossy or matte art paper instead of the simple colored paper for your colors and images to remain looking shart and crisp. However, the latter can be a lot cheaper.

Laminate Your Menu for Protection

Laminating your menu will give it a higher degree of durability without compromising the lightweight and making it bulky and heavy.

Moreover, when you laminate your menu, you can keep it clean by wiping off any residues that gather on it. This way, you won’t be needing to make frequent replacements.

You can go for various laminating options such as matte laminate, gloss laminate, and encapsulated laminate.

Test With a Press Proof

Before you finally submit a large order, make sure your final print looks decent and has a suitable font size.

Make sure that it matches the ambiance of the restaurant and that the font is readable.

If everything is fine, you can then place your order. Otherwise, you can make changes and adjustments without having had wasted money on unsuitable prints.

Have a Separate Sheet for Your Specials

Make sure that the special items such as the daily, weekly, or seasonal ones have a separate sheet so that you don’t have to keep reprinting menus.

A good thing to do is to have a smaller insert, sheet, or board with the special items to keep things flexible and cost-efficient.

Keep the options limited, however. Around 5-10 items should be enough to grab your customer’s attention but not overwhelm them to the point where they can’t make a decision.

Use Photos to Pump Up Your Sales

It’s easier to grab the attention of the customer by adding pictures of the dishes you have to offer than making them wonder with just the ingredients.

Keep the number of pictures low, however. 1 or two for each page is enough so that you wouldn’t clutter up the menu.

Have a Professionally-Printed Menu Ordered

Ordering a professionally printed menu can save you a lot of time and maybe even some money.

You’d be spared the need to buy supplies like paper or ink cartridges or to trim the edges and do the folding yourself.

Moreover, this way, you’ll get superior resolution, quality, and far more vivid colors than you would with a home or office printed menu.